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Marisol's Tiers of Joy, started when I was learning to believe in myself. Which then became the biggest life changing moment of my career.


 This is my story...

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My Story

My name is Marisol Amezcua. I was born in 1998.  

Cake Decorating saved my life.  At the age of 13 I wanted to become a dentist or a police officer.  That wasn't until the age of 14 when I signed myself up for competition, thinking it was an extra class. Ever since, cake decorating sparked my interest. I got my first job at the age of 15, as a grocery store cake decorator.  During this time, no one wanted to teach me and help me expand my skills as a cake decorator.  With the lack of confidence, I gave up on my dream.  I began working at a "mom and pops bakery", where I was taught the value of hard work, and not to give up on your dreams.  After being rejected from multiple cake decorating job opportunities, I took it upon myself to learn on my OWN. 


One day when I woke up, I checked my phone to see many cake decorators posting on Instagram.  I became furious. "That could be me".  Since that morning, I began to bake from home, giving cakes to my mom for her job, to enjoy.  I did this just to capture a picture and upload to Instagram.  With a lot of HARD WORK, DEDICATION, and PASSION I was then able to leave my full-time job from the Wynn Hotel Resort and Casino to becoming a full time cake decorator of my OWN business at the age of 21.

Since then, I have been invited to many high schools to speak in front of younger generations of my struggles and to encourage all the students to NOT give up.

Creating custom cakes not only saved my life but has also allowed me to be apart of many special celebrations.  

I hope you allow me to make your next special occasion just a little sweeter!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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